I'm not a fan of rebuttals, they can often be interpreted as rude or standoffish. This is certainly not the flavour of my
When I was a student I thought cannabis was a harmless pastime, no worse than alcohol, and I was encouraged by the fact that it's not addictive. Many years later I ended up working for an addiction rehab clinic in Scotland where I found out that not only is cannabis addictive but the skunk version of the drug is known to send as many as 20% of users into a psychotic state.
A 29-year-old man, whose face is emblazoned with a giant skull tattoo, has avoided jail after stealing thousands of pounds
Cannabis, a class-B drug available on prescription as a medicinal remedy for multiple sclerosis patients, could also be used
Sir Richard Branson will tell MPs on Tuesday that the government should consider decriminalising drugs. The war on drugs
Drug policy reform has received many endorsees, from Kofi Annan and Richard Branson, to a fleet of Nobel Prize winners and
There is much debate as to what the best model of future drug control might look like, but the important thing is not the specific policy to be implemented, but the principles upon which they will be founded and the freedom for countries to experiment with new approaches.
One of Europe's most notorious drug dealers will "defend himself to the hilt" against a court order designed to stop him
Dawn raids smoked out criminals all over London on Thursday as thousands of officers seized drugs and lethal weapons during
It's time that the burden of proof was shifted. The case for reform is firm and hard to ignore. The rationale for keeping the drug laws anchored needs justifying, and evidence must be placed by those who want to keep the 'drug war' alive.