Cardiff Crown Court

The judge described the defendant as not “a man of profound, intelligence, wisdom or judgment."
Matthew Sheehan was assaulted on his doorstep in 2015.
A man who spent two years in a coma after being attacked on his doorstep in a row over a barking dog has died. Matthew Sheehan
Police who arrested Lost Prophets singer Ian Watkins over an alleged plot to rape a baby are under investigation over whether
Rocker Ian Watkins has reappeared before a court to face allegations of plotting to rape a baby. The 35-year-old vocalist
Rock singer Ian Watkins is to appear at Cardiff Crown Court today to face allegations of plotting to rape a child. The 35
A former Hollyoaks actor has been found guilty of raping a 15-year-old girl at a house party after a jury rejected his claim
Two of Wales's most notorious murderers had their appeals dismissed on Thursday. Farm labourer John Cooper was given a whole
A 45-year-old man from Ely, Cardiff forged his daughter’s signature to grab a £13,000 inheritance left to her in her grandfather’s