Caroline Nokes

How Britain seen in US "really important" as UK tourism recovers from Covid pandemic, Caroline Nokes tells HuffPost UK.
Joining Arj Singh, Rachel Wearmouth and Paul Waugh, Tory chair of the Commons women and equalities committee, Caroline Nokes discusses the need for Royal transparency, why women feel unsafe on our streets, and why she wears “woke” as a “badge of honour”.
Debate to mark International Women's Day takes place in "shadow of the menace of male violence against women", says Harriet Harman.
The PM's press secretary Allegra Stratton also suggested cabinet reshuffle would see more women promoted.
Decision could mean Boris Johnson faces more pressure to appoint women to his top team.
Boris Johnson must "be brave" and "more direct" with Donald Trump over George Floyd death, says Caroline Nokes.
Caroline Nokes was sacked as a minister by the PM and says "there is no pipeline" of female MPs ready to step up.
Caroline Nokes' visit to Dover comes after Home Secretary declared the migrant crisis a ‘major incident’.