Caroline Spelman

Thousands of teenagers in schools across the country could be set to receive compulsory sex and relationships education after
A report published today with the respected WWF, RSPB and the Wildlife Trusts makes a considered case for EU membership and finds that - on balance- we should vote to remain in a reformed European Union. To put it simply, we need to be part of the pack if we're going to have a say on the big, environmental matters.
Women do make a vital contribution to the global economy, and International Women's Day is an important opportunity to raise awareness of this and how the female economy is the key to a sustainable future.
The problem isn't, therefore, that women aren't competitive. The problem is that, in our society, they're smart and able enough to see that they're unlikely to win. And who in their right mind would enter a contest in the belief that they'll lose?
The fate of thousands of badgers is hanging by a thread as an appeal was heard against proposals for two pilot culls on Tuesday
If you were a old Etonian prime minister with a reputation for 'chillaxing' too much and not having enough women in your
David Cameron is under pressure to explain why he has failed to give honours to the women sacked from Cabinet in this week's
The Government will not sell the public forest estate, Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman said today, after an expert
Experts asked to examine the future of England's woodlands after the Government's failed forest sell-off bid are today set
The vast majority of homes left without power following this week's freak storms have been reconnected, according to suppliers
Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman will visit the North East of England today as home-owners, businesses and the insurance
Households struggling to pay their water bills are to receive help through new social tariffs, according to the government
The UK's biggest water company has said it could lift its hosepipe ban sooner than expected after wet weather reduced the
A piece of advice for the population at large: young girls wear short skirts. They do. This is not a picture of asking for rape. This is an on-going discovery of one's sexuality, the equivalent of a teenage boy waking up and deciding suddenly that he wants to hoik his trousers down past his bottom so his Gap boxers, bought by his mother, are on show.
Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman has raised the possibility of standpipes returning to UK streets if the country is
I thought you'd be interested in this party because you'll actually be footing a lot of the bill. Not just now, or at the event, but for the foreseeable future too. You and the world's poor that is (the 99%, if you will), funding a jaunt for European paper producers to talk shop on protectionism and how they'll continue to racketeer from developing nations.
Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman's teenage son Jonathan has been suspended from playing rugby for 21 months after admitting
Drought has been declared in a further 17 English counties, with the Environment Agency saying water shortages could last
Sometimes, we just take it for granted that we can turn the tap on and there it is, but what happens when the rivers run dry? This may sound a little dramatic - but then, so does a UK drought and hosepipe ban in spring.
The possibility of a coalition re-think on child benefit for households with a higher-rate taxpayer will arguably be one