cash machines

Many people wrongly assume that the only people who rely on cash are the elderly, Which's Gareth Shaw writes.
As use of contactless and card payments rockets, chancellor Rishi Sunak is urged to legislate to protect cash in next week's budget for as long as people need it.
Consumer group Which? said people who can least afford to pay for withdrawals are worst hit.
More than 1,000 ATMs were converted to charge fees in March alone.
"All too often it is small businesses who are being hurt the most by these changes".
With over 36,000 cash machines in the UK, victims would be able to send short text-based messages directly to the police in a discreet way and help them receive assistance from a specialist officer. Such an innovation would help those who may be controlled by their partner, and are fearful of visiting a police station in case they're seen.
Thieves have dug a 50ft (15m) tunnel under a building to steal thousands of pounds from a cash machine. Police believe the
Police were called to calm crowds that gathered after a cash machine started dispensing "free money". The cash machine at
Even as cash machines get more secure, the fraudsters who attack them are also upping their game. So-called ATM 'skimmers