casual sex

After three months without sex, the prospect of at least one more without touching another human being filled me with frustration. So I embarked on a mission.
My sexual pleasure became a casualty of a crumbling marriage. When I became single, saying yes to sex became my midlife mantra.
We’re living in a world where ‘do you want to come back to mine?’ has been replaced with ‘how do the people you live with feel about you coming back to mine for sex?’ – and I don’t think I like it.
"Thanks for the good time, but my Uber's here now."
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'I've messed up' I say, 'seriously, things have gone really wrong. Even more wrong than usual... So I message him and he says he's just leaving work, and shall he come over. Of course I agreed and we end up having this mad drunken night at mine, resulting in very little sleep.'
Here's 10 things 18-year-old Phin Lyman of Wellington College, Berkshire should have known before he 'outed' himself as a virgin in order to make a stand against the 'casual' way his generation treats sex...
It's not called STI January for nothing - this month, after a season of beer/rum/whisky/mulled wine goggles, the price for
Casual sex should be with somebody you actually like. My new rule of thumb is to only shag men I don't mind sleeping over, and am okay with kissing goodbye when they leave. Anyone else isn't worth my time- and if I'm not prepared to make at least that much effort, I'm probably not worth theirs, either.