La Marina is the second region in the country to re-enter lockdown, after a fresh outbreak saw more than 100 people test positive for coronavirus.
Spain's top court is set to decide on the fate of the politicians and activists behind Catalonia’s 2017 independence referendum.
'We are the comeback kids'.
Christmas Eve was traditionally celebrated by a meal of soup with pasta followed by meat. It’s real peasant food but delicious
What do you think of when you think of the Costa Brava? Sun, sea and sand perhaps? Or days on the beach and warm evenings
What is clear however is that Spain is disunited and what its constitution has to say on the Catalonia issue is not fit for purpose. It is time both Rajoy, or better yet a new Prime Minister who won't assault his own people, and Puigdemont come around the table and resolve their differences in a genuinely democratic and diplomatic way - for the sake of Catalonia and the rest of Spain.
It is quite pleasant, in a macabre sort of way, to be able to look the at the goings on in Europe and for once not feel that the UK are the centre of the storm, due to the latest drama in the ongoing Brexit soap opera. Due to this, I have been following the struggles of the Catalonian referendum, declaration of independence and subsequent fall out with a great deal of interest.
The five Catalan politicians wanted by Spain were taken into custody earlier on Sunday, a Brussels prosecutor spokesman said
A few weeks ago, I supported the Catalan right to self-determination yet hoped they would ultimately choose to remain Spanish. Today I find myself somehow warming to the idea of the creation of a Catalan nation. To me it's all about democracy; to others, it's all about the money.