cecil the lion

One of Cecil the Lion’s cubs has been apparently been killed by a rival male. The intruder is thought to have tried to mate
Back in July, dentist Walter Palmer infamously hunted Zimbabwe's beloved Cecil the Lion, an act that cost him $55,000 and
The safari company said: "We have all been working hard to work through the correct channels and bring about positive long
Controversial comedian Frankie Boyle has used his latest opinion column to contrast Britain’s response to the slaughter of
On 25 July, Corgatelli posted the picture of her stood with the giraffe, which she shot during a legal two-week hunting trip
The furore over the illegal killing of a beloved Zimbabwean lion called Cecil has done little to quell this huntress's appetite
Adam Hills went on yet another perfect rant during Friday's episode of 'The Last Leg', this time targeting the American dentist
So, next time you want to bag a trophy for the wall with your archery set, remember these five basic rules on how to kill animals and get away with it.
UPDATE: Empire State Building's Cecil The Lion Projection Called 'Embarrassing' For Neglecting Black Murder Victims A glowing
"So come watch this lion rip that dentist's f***ing throat out," the narrator says, "as that world cheers on the public execution