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As the illness spreads across the UK, charities want to make sure homeless people are safe.
“Why is the charity sector not leading on this instead of being defensive and hiding behind the shield of good intentions?"
Founder Randy Rampersand maxed out his credit cards and took out a business loan so that he could open the Green Vic, possibly the world's most ethical pub. From the beer to the toilet paper, most products have links to charitable organisations and thanks to recycling and composting, the pub avoids sending anything to landfill. The Green Vic also employs ex-offenders and homeless people.
Tory leadership frontrunner says the responsibility for the plight of jailed British charity worker lies with the Iran
The Charity Commission said Viva Palestina's charitable funds donated by the public were "put at risk".
Henriett Szucs was a “very talented” artist.
Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced that charity worker Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe will be given “diplomatic protection”, in an unprecedented Foreign Office move. The protection raises the issue of Nazanin’s imprisonment as an issue between Iran and the UK as states, rather than at the consular level. While it doesn’t go as far as giving her diplomatic immunity which could secure her release, it is considered a strong move and a considerable escalation of the issue. Nazanin was jailed in 2016 in Tehran, after the Iranian government accused her of spying, an accusation she strongly denies.
Disability action isn’t just for charities or fashion campaigns but for businesses of every size and sector
Sylvia Constanza Romano, 23, was seized at gunpoint on 20 November 2018. Five people were wounded by the attackers, who shot AK-47 rifles indiscriminately. The charity worker was abducted from a guesthouse in Chakama, a small town close to the south-east coast.
At least 22 charities have signed pledges not to damage her reputation, new revelations claim.