Chief Inspector

Police have appealed for information.
At no time in its history has Feltham Young Offenders Institute been a safe or loving or constructive place for children. They deserve a better chance and a better future – as do their victims.
One notice on a door read: “Please ensure doors remain shut to prevent rats entering the wing!!!”
Dame Glenys Stacey joked her husband is doing the cooking as MPs berate 'profoundly unsatisfactory' situation.
One woman found out about the news in the media after an email was automatically forwarded to her 'junk' folder.
A truly appalling inspection report on Liverpool prison coincides with repeated safety failures at Nottingham prison and
Epidemic of drugs and violence gripping UK jails thought to be damaging inmates' mental health.
Probation chiefs face calls for an urgent review after suicide among recently-released prisoners rocketed by 21% last year
The five things you need to know about politics today.
1. TANGLED WEB The ferocity of the Tory reaction to Gavin Williamson’s promotion yesterday was pretty extraordinary yesterday