Chief rabbi

“Your inaction amounts to complicity," Britain’s Chief Rabbi accuses social media site after anti-Semitic posts from Wiley's account were left visible for 12 hours.
Voting for a party that has sent ructions of fear through a historically persecuted community is morally repugnant, Andrew Morris writes.
Chancellor says PM was trying to "defend the rights of Muslims" when he said women looked like "letter-boxes" and "bank robbers".
Read more on The Huffington Post Britain's Chief Rabbi has slammed universities for a lack of urgency in dealing with a growing
As long as Muslim communities do not have the equivalent to a Chief Rabbi, sadly, there will be a space in the social sphere which will be filled by those who are less interested in the welfare of Muslim communities, and more interested in making a name for themselves. Now is the time to grab this challenge with both hands.
Interfaith dialogue will have to take its place as a crucial item on everybody's agenda. It is heartening to get behind these students - the leaders of tomorrow - who show us that faith and religion is still relevant to life's meaning and for flourishing, dynamic, societies.
Strange as it may seem, the Liberal and Reform movements' model of religious leadership - a conference of rabbis who reach decisions by consensus - is actually closer to traditional Judaism than the Chief Rabbinate...
The UK's next Chief Rabbi has expressed his concern over rising anti-semitism in Europe and a decline in religious faith
Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks issued a plea for "a continued prayer for peace, not only in Gaza but the whole region" - but later