Child benefit

It's part of the Education Act – but not all parents know about it.
Out-of-work families could be £723 worse off next year compared to 2010.
Austerity has made single parents more likely to experience poverty, be sanctioned or suffer from ill health – urgent change is needed to protect the life chances of them and their children
A surge of 36% over past six years means 1.4 million households now affected
Esther McVey says two-child cap means rape victims get 'double support' but Dugdale calls policy 'an abomination'.
The 'two child limit' is sending out a message that some children don't deserve the same basic standard of living as other children. There is no greater 'burning injustice' than penalising children for the order of their birth.
Official statistics show that 1.7million children live in families that can't afford to heat their home and 300,000 live in families that can't afford to buy them a warm winter coat. The House of Lords has told the Government that money matters to children's lives. The Government must listen and think again about its plans to remove the commitment to measure and report on the number of children living in poverty.
Parents of children who repeatedly skip school will have their child benefit docked if they refuse to pay up fines, David
The freeze on child benefit will make families with two or more children £2,000 worse off, the Trade Union Congress (TUC
Child benefit should be scrapped as part of efforts to cut the amount of the social security budget going to middle-class