A voter's Facebook post about UC covering the cost of children's meals is circulating among Tory MPs - but is it "tin eared"?
Dozens of people have offered to help feed families after the government refused to extend help to poorest children.
The justifications, which range from vouchers going straight to a "crack den" to "nationalising children", have a lot of people scratching their heads.
England footballer also rejected Ben Bradley's claim the meals for children increased welfare "dependency".
England footballer's key proposal would ensure children receive food support over Christmas and other holidays.
Fewer people taken in under Johnson than in Theresa May's final three months as prime minister, latest figures show.
More than 100 public health directors and charity bosses have written to Rishi Sunak warning 2.4 million children face poverty and food insecurity.
The Power of Empathy is a brand new podcast that explores the benefits of dolls play on children’s development. Our host, actress and mum Rachel Adedeji, talks to HuffPost’s Victoria Richards and education psychologist Dr Michele Borba as they explore the benefits and science of pretend play…
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Independent play can encourage your child in many ways - crucially, they can learn to be happy on their own
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Your child’s playtime is about so much more than giving you 15 minutes to fire off your work emails for the day…
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