Children in poverty face a double disadvantage this summer.
From virtual hugs to some enterprising social distancing measures, teachers say despite all their fears – being reunited with school children has been surprisingly joyous.
For reasons unexplained, the Prime Minister has decided to withdraw support for children on free school meals over May half term, writes 16-year-old Christina Adane.
Measures designed to protect vulnerable children are being abandoned during the lockdown, charities warn, and could see some cases fall through the gaps.
Hiding behind screens? Falling into old behaviours? Here are five signs your child may be struggling with Covid-19 pandemic-related stress.
The prospect of having our children at home during the coronavirus outbreak without the professional support they need is almost too much to bear, writes Sam Carlisle
Organised child abuse is happening up and down the country and requires billions of pounds to fix, writes children's commissioner Anne Longfield OBE.
The house where Tristan and Blake Barrass were killed by their own parents is a daily reminder for their friends and neighbours. HuffPost UK hears from a community in the wake of a tragedy.
Sandeep and Reena Mander received almost £120,000 in damages, after being told by the council there were only "white British pre-school children" available to adopt.
This is the legacy of a decade of cuts on children in Fife.