Children's Commissioner for England

Labour MPs tell education secretary Gavin Williamson homes are "too often a source of neglect and exploitation”.
'Remind them not to put all their self-esteem eggs in one basket.'
Children's Commissioner says youngsters' wellbeing suffers when they start high school.
We need to consider what role social media is playing in shaping young people’s sense of self
Dr Paul Williams said boy was turned away 'because he hadn't tried to kill himself'.
A Labour MP has revealed a shocking incident in which a suicidal 10-year-old boy was denied mental health help four times
There are more than half a million children in the UK born to EU nationals.
The EU’s chief negotiator must make sure kids of European nationals living in UK are not used as Brexit bargaining chips
Growing Up Digital recommends that digital citizenship should be taught from the age of four to fourteen with a voluntary extension for older children, which would show the way to get the best out of the internet.
We need to offer young carers more across the country. We have long known of the heavy toll being a carer takes on children, something backed up by research published recently to mark Young Carers Awareness Day.