Children's Commissioner

Nobody could have predicted the impact of social media on the lives of young people – but tech giants must now take responsibility
Report finds almost 16,000 babies are at risk of severe harm.
They say roll-out will push hundreds of thousands of children into poverty.
The UK’s four Children’s Commissioners have written to Philip Hammond begging him to pause the roll-out of Universal Credit
A recent report by the Children's Commissioner named several groups of children who "put their futures at risk with their actions". Included in this list are the 36,000 mothers aged 19 and under who are living with their children. As you can imagine, I have a problem with this.
If the EU genuinely want to resolve the question of residence rights of EU nationals, they need to separate out the two issues to enable a negotiation in good faith which can give certainty to the hundreds of thousands of children and their families left in limbo. Two more years of uncertainty is bad enough for adults worried about their future residency. For children, it feels even longer.
What this report shows is the detrimental effects of woeful policy beginning to take its toll on vulnerable children. The reality of cuts to early intervention, closure of Sure Start centres and diminishing local service budgets are clear. The Government have no cohesive approach or agenda to tackle their shameful record, preferring to bury their head in the sand whilst the most vulnerable suffer.
The internet is a part of everyday life - and an incredible force for good. But it is irresponsible to let children roam in a world for which they're ill-prepared, which is subject to limited regulation and which is controlled by a small number of powerful organisations. It's critical children are educated better, understand what they're agreeing to when they join social media platforms and that their privacy is better protected. When it was created 25 years ago, the internet was not designed with children in mind but I believe the proposals in our report would help make it a better and safer place for children.
'We know already it has had terrible, fatal consequences for children'.
After three months waiting in squalid refugee camps in northern France, Masud, 15, had finally lost faith his claim for asylum
Despite some good intentions, the current regimes struggle to go much further than containment. Our recent research found that too many children are spending time in isolation in a system which is closer to crowd control than the ambitions of personal development and recovery that we see in Taylor's report.
Everyone who works with children wants to help and protect them. But as a recent report revealed that only one in 8 cases of child sexual abuse is being reported, something is clearly not working.
The BBC's latest film presents Mini's life as one long missed opportunity, in spite of his potential. My hope is that these changes help us to avoid turning out another generation of missed opportunities.
Childhood has been transformed by technology. It has happened swiftly, in a creative but socially and legally disorganised way. Today iRights publish an important report examining these issues...
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A new protocol between Ofsted, police, local authorities and the Office of the Children's Commissioner on sharing information about children's homes gives opportunity to a new good-faith collaboration characterised by transparency.
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Students should no longer be excluded for "minor infringements" such as wearing jewellery or incorrect school uniform, according