Chris Whitty

Health Secretary Matt Hancock provides an update on the country’s response to the coronavirus outbreak at daily press briefing. It comes after government’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty said yesterday that return to normal life in the short term was “wholly unrealistic”.
It could mean the UK's current death total is far higher than reported.
Chris Whitty says a vaccine or effective treatment against outbreak are not likely to be available in 2020.
Chief medical officer says virus has been detected in 13.5% of care homes amid claims deaths have been "airbrushed" out of daily totals.
Chief medical officer responds to question about slower growth in the number of deaths in Germany.
As the second week of Britain’s lockdown comes to an end, the government’s response to coronavirus is beginning to come under attack. As Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and Chris Whitty self-isolate, a lack of answers over testing and protective equipment is prompting scathing criticism. Where have ministers gone wrong, and can they fix it?Senior Conservative MP and chair of the Commons science committee Greg Clark joins Arj Singh, Paul Waugh and Rachel Wearmouth to talk about the government’s handling of the pandemic.
Simon Stevens reminds everyone that he’s been asking for more resource for years.
Announcement comes after Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock tested positive.
The number of deaths this summer will be the real test.
But Boris Johnson and the chief medical and scientific advisers insist the UK must not impose too many restrictions too soon.