Christmas day

It is the 95-year-old monarch’s first festive period without her beloved late husband, who died aged 99 in April.
giving back.jpg As parents, we owe it to our children to show elderly people that we care. One day, we too will be old and who knows if we will be lucky enough to still have family and friends around us? We will be extremely lucky if we do.
It’s a fact: having children makes Christmas magical again. All of a sudden, Christmas Day goes from an excuse to stuff your
Volunteer: Get in touch with a local charity and offer your services over Christmas. This is easier said than done (from personal experience) as you will have to pass a CRB check and this can take up to two weeks to process. But there's still time if you make contact asap.
A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a woman's body was discovered at a flat on Christmas morning. The victim
Last year I decided to do Christmas alone in London. It felt right - like I could handle it. After three years of either being away on holiday or throwing myself into charity work for Crisis, I thought 'I can do this'. I can be in my flat, on Christmas Day, on my own, and just be.
There's no doubt that this time of year offers more opportunities to stretch our vocal prowess whether singing in church, joining in a few impromptu carols at the local train station or yodeling along to Julie Andrews on Christmas Day after a few glasses of port. In fact, it's almost impossible to avoid the strains of festive songs whether we're in the supermarket, on public transport or at a street corner.
A car bomb near a church in Baghdad has killed at least 15 people - thought to be mainly Iraqi Christians celebrating Christmas
The attempted rescue of a man who fell into an icy lake in California turned into chaos and terror on Christmas Day as a
DOH! Gary Lineker managed to fowl up his Christmas dinner this year - by serving up a raw turkey. The football pundit revealed