chronic illness

I'd like to share with you a glimpse into the world of living with Parkinson's from a patient's perspective. Being diagnosed with any chronic degenerative disease can be a shock to the system. Accepting and digesting such news is very individual, and a process that covers a gamut of emotions.
It would be very easy to slip into depression and wallow in self pity, bringing everyone down, but I absolutely refuse to let Parkinson's get the upper hand. I find it far more worthwhile to remain cheery, which keeps me going; boosting my family's morale and all those around me.
Sitting in my wheelchair, my husband has been asked "how is she?", whilst I'm right next to him. This is highly insulting and hurtful to be talked about in the third party. "HELLO!" can they not see I'm right here, and have the decency to ask me directly how I'm feeling?
Having a very pale complexion, I often resemble a ghost, and that's on a good day! When I'm having a bad day, I am so white, like a chameleon I blend in with the walls. I've never been one for wearing make-up, so had much to learn.
If we can all do that, just make recovery about us and no one else. Just until the horrible work-in-progress part is over and we are whole again. Then we will all get each other well. I know we will.
Chronic illness can last months, years or even decades. Most people struggle to remember what life was like before. And we learn to put blinkers on our vision of other people fairly early on. We use it as a coping mechanism to dealing with how crappy our own life has gotten.
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