Chuckle Brothers

The Poke has continued its legendary Photoshop battle hashtag - this time involving the Chuckle Brothers. In true, 'to me
There are nearly 63.5 million people who will be subjected to the wrath of our own collective idiocy, so maybe if you don't feel like you understand what you're doing on the 7th of May then perhaps you should just stay at home and drop trou and have yourself a good time - at least that way you'll only be fucking yourself.
Two heavyweights from the world of entertainment have collaborated on what promises to be 2014’s most important track. In
One of The Chuckle Brothers said it has been a "complete shock" to hear claims that DJ Dave Lee Travis had indecently assaulted
One of the Chuckle Brothers has told a court it was "a complete surprise" to hear claims veteran DJ Dave Lee Travis indecently
In what has to be the most bizarre media story of the year - discounting Kirsty Wark shuffling like a zombie to Thriller
The entertainment industry has a rich history of double acts. Pairs of people combining their talents in a single identity. Well... here's what they would look like as pairs of talented people combined into a single entity... I imagine.