A second zebra, which also escaped, is believed to have been returned to the circus.
Lijana and Nik Wallenda highwire-walked 25 floors up across New York’s Times Square on Sunday. The pair are from a family of circus performers.
The "outdated" practice will be halted in the UK under new bill introduced by Michael Gove.
Ethiopia was home this week to some of the continent's most amazing circus performers.
Circus owner says someone "maliciously" cut the lock on her cage.
The law comes four months after New York City outlawed all wild animals in circus acts.
I have also performed on a cruise for nudists, at a strip club in-between strippers, at a gathering of Hasidic Jews, at a nursing home/hospice, and a little people convention. Then there was that time I cut my arm open with a running chainsaw during a sold out show and had to be rushed to the emergency room. Oh! And also that time I broke both of my feet at the exact same time after jumping down from a 12-foot unicycle.
No one ever forgets that feeling of being the last one picked in a gym class, but this was so much worse. There I was standing
Copyright: Cirque du Soleil A show which started well enough with golden unicyclists executing thrilling spins and acrobatics