Removing it would be the first step to undoing the moral vanity of “Britishness”, Arianne Shahvisi writes.
Home secretary says ministers keep "everything under review" as she also faced questions on automatic visa extensions for carers.
For over 965 days now we have been one of three things – often all three together: bargaining chips; a punching bag; and subjects of hate
EU citizens remain in the place they have been since 2016: right at the centre of the storm, but with no representation and no shelter in sight.
Our own government, instead of offering us the necessary assistance and protection, is deliberately pursuing a policy that would hang its own citizens out to dry
In many ways all of this has been an integral part of daily life for EU citizens in the UK since the referendum. What makes it extraordinary now is that over two years have passed and nothing has changed
'Why is he writing to me, born in the UK and resident in the UK? I can hear Ali G’s voice: 'Is it because I is Welsh?'
"He took a helicopter from his own helipad in Dehradun to fly to the local airport, then took a flight and nobody knows where he went."
Contradictory statements in black and white – was the Minister of Home Affairs lying then, or is he lying now? It's one or the other, or both.
'The first ultra-intelligent machine is the last invention man need ever make, provided [it lets us] keep it under control.' I.J. Good, computer pioneer.