civil liberties

One MP said the curbs on civil liberties would "make a dictator blush".
The UK has some tough choices ahead on the trade offs between protecting public health and personal liberties, Munira Wilson MP writes.
The 2020 Coronavirus Act will erode our civil liberties, rolling back 30 years of hard won disability rights, writes Sarabajaya Kumar.
It wasn't the first time Jack had been stopped. It was almost an airport ritual now, alongside collecting his luggage off the carousel, he came to expect hours of questioning. Jack again, joined the 500,000 that have been stopped under the Schedule 7 Act (2000) and detained, humiliated and questioned since it was introduced yet 99.98% of those stopped are never charged with an offence.
For over forty years, since my late teens, I have been an avid family history researcher. I have a family tree dating back
Though tomorrow may be indeed a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing, my tomorrow is a tale told by my idiot, and pride
It is often forgotten in modern history classes that England is the birthplace of our modern conception of liberty. It is
Often I hear misconceptions and half-truths about human rights and why they're important to people in the UK. So to mark International Human Rights Day, I've compiled a list of the most common questions people ask, and my responses to them.
I've had a terrific view of the free speech versus regulated speech on campuses controversy because I'm chronologically proximate
Protestors demonstrate in Minneapolis Victims from Monday night's shooting - all black men aged between 19 and 43 - were