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‘Coronation Street’ star Claire King has opened up about her decision to leave the soap behind, during an appearance on Thursday’s
'I can understand why people choose assisted dying – and it’s getting to the point where I would consider it myself.'
Claire King has opened up about her health issues, revealing that she can “understand” why people choose euthanasia. The
She's been on t'cobbles for three years.
Coronation Street’s Claire King has quit her role as Erica Holroyd. The actress has confirmed she will be leaving the cobbled
'To have this happen to someone like her is heartbreaking.'
Claire King has lent her support to former ‘Emmerdale’ co-star Leah Bracknell, after she revealed she has been diagnosed
'I've been around the block, I know how it works.'
'Coronation Street' actress Claire King has admitted she's concerned her character could be axed by the soap's new boss. Kate
‘Coronation Street’ bosses have an emotional storyline planned, as according to reports, Erica - played by Claire King - is
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The first photos of Claire King on ‘Coronation Street’ have arrived, and the sight of her chatting with Liz McDonald (Beverley
Claire and Peter, in character, in 1999 Despite admitting that she “wasn’t so forgiving in the beginning”, Kim says that
Anyone looking forward to Claire King’s upcoming appearance on ‘Coronation Street’ will be pleased to hear she’s sticking
‘Coronation Street’ fans can look forward to a new arrival on the scene this December, when soap queen Claire King his the
Following the news that ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ contestant Claire King will not be well enough to return to the house, her
Claire King has left the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house so she can receive medical attention, it has been confirmed. The former
Gary Busey’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemates might be keeping their fingers crossed that he’ll be booted out in the first
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