Classical Music

Angela Hewitt mourned the loss of her "best friend" in an emotional Facebook post.
This 'Incredibles 2' motif is sadly incredibly bogus.
This music shows that open minds can produce exciting, exploratory, genre-fluid work
You deserve to know these names, and deserve to hear their music
The big lesson for me has been that as soon as we start to think laterally about how our skills can be redeployed in other areas of business, then a whole new world of opportunity opens up. The challenge then becomes less about re-training, and more about making that initial jump.
While we pray the Brexit negotiations won't uproot the current mix of players that give such orchestras their character and depth, as I write, David Davis' team is yet to secure their position. We may still find our orchestras pillaged of their vital DNA.
I don't know much about classical music. I've been to a few concerts and can recognise a few pieces, but my knowledge is more Now That's What I Call Classical... than rattling off my favourite Fauré b-sides to a cellist backstage at The Barbican.
The BBC Proms are the annual summer long series of orchestral concerts centred at The Royal Albert Hall. If you are a fan of orchestral music, of classical music, the Proms represent what fans of these type of musics wait all year for - BUT it's not just aimed at fans of orchestral and classical music by any means!
This week I find myself on the secluded island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples. Here my orchestra is performing at La Mortella, a spectacular haven created by the composer William Walton and his wife Susana whose opulent gardens hang off a cliff in ways the Babylonians could only have dreamed.
'It quickly loses confidence when it mirrors the ascent later in the bar'.