Claudia Webbe

"The Labour Party rightly expects elected representatives to maintain the very highest standards at all times," a spokesperson said.
The independent MP will also have to undertake 200 hours of community service.
Local party politics are already at play in a candidate selection process some suspect the former disgraced MP may be involved in.
Webbe appeared in court accused of threatening a woman and making unwanted telephone calls on at least two occasions.
The Leicester East MP will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on November 11.
The prime minister said he worried "every day" about the spread of the disease.
Corbyn’s rough ride from the PLP suggests trouble ahead if they don't get leader they want.
Leader apologises to heated parliamentary Labour party meeting but is warned not to “rig” race to find his successor.
Leader's close ally Claudia Webbe picked for safe seat, but Tory Hindu rival seeks to exploit Kashmir issue.
Radical Left group lists NEC figures among its officers