Climate Change

Justin Welby later said it was “never right to make comparisons with the atrocities brought by the Nazis”.
As the mega-rich descend on Glasgow with their private jets and gas-guzzling cars, critics accuse global leaders of "do as I say, not as I do".
“Why don’t you just say we’re not going to open this coal mine?"
The world's two carbon superpowers are arriving at COP26 with lacklustre solutions to an increasingly desperate problem.
Oxfam International found the richest 1% of the global population accelerated climate change far more than everyone else.
She doesn't know that we know that she knows (the importance of fighting climate change).
The 18-year-old activist also defended the right of protestors like Insulate Britain to "anger some people" with their tactics.
The UK's COP26 president was quizzed on whether approving drilling at the site would send the right message to the rest of the world.
The UK president of this year's gathering said it was a “tough ask” to reach a deal on preventing global temperatures from rising beyond 1.5C.
It's not just Greta Thunberg who is making moves as a young climate activist, these names are fighting for a better planet too.
"If we don't really utilise those fossil fuels, then the dinosaurs died for nothing didn't they?"
If you're 30, more than 50% of all global fossil fuel emissions have been released since you were born.
The PM claims plastic recycling isn't worth it – so here's breakdown of what the UK actually does with all of our discarded materials.
The PM said recycling "isn’t the answer” to climate change. Here's what the experts say.
If you needed a nudge to do a major cull of your phone pics and emails, this is it.
“We could feed some of the human beings to the animals," the prime minister joked.
The prime minister took a grilling from schoolchildren demanding urgent answers.
"And we really have to face up to that," the Succession actor explained.
Seriously non eco-friendly issues have been slipping under the radar.
Prince William is honouring the people changing the world - here's what they're working on.