Climate Change

What happens when the way of life that sustained your family for millennia is no longer compatible with our planet?
The climate crisis means some countries are paying a much larger price than others.
World leaders described the agreement as both “historic” and “incremental.”
"There are 24 hours left to show whose side the world is on," the environmentalist said.
“The only global warming we should be thinking about or worrying about is nuclear global warming,” the ex-president said as he vilified Biden's climate envoy.
The annual summit to tackle global climate change is crawling with people with ties to planet-warming fossil fuels.
A new study suggests dealing with natural disasters will drain the national bank account.
Sultan Ahmedd Al Jaber suggested there are "constant and repeated attempts " to undermine his presidency.
Don't let all the acronyms prevent you from understanding what happens at this pivotal summit.
He's definitely not had the greenest time in office.