It might still be freezing cold outside but spring is on its way. If you're anything like me, with the changing of the seasons comes the desire to give your clothing collection a makeover to match. Here are a selection of my favourite fashion picks for this year's springtime.
Online fashion retailer Asos has seen UK retail sales rise 10% to £205 million in the past five months, taking its pre-tax
Taking care of your personal style is integral to authentically communicating your personal brand. When we neglect our outer brand, that's to say, our attire, grooming and physical appearance, we come across as unprofessional.
It's a funny experience, the Eminem thing. Clearing out your closet. The annual weeding out of the garments which have got
Sometimes in a relationship words can fail you, emotions can cloud your judgement and you can feel like you're heading for a night's sleep spent with your backs turned to each other almost falling off the edge of the bed.
Fashions are like names, it has to suit you and some might be out of favour, but they all come back round. This applies more, I guess, if your name is Trousers. Like Justin Timberlake - who I believe's middle name is 'trousers' - so it definitely works there!
Once upon a time, long before I moved to London, I used to enter Oxfam with a heady sense of adventure about the the delights I was sure to discover. And discover I did, knocking aside the elderly in my greedy quest to rifle through the rails, gathering great swathes of questionable but utterly brilliant items into my arms.
Many cancer patients who lose weight because of the disease are being forced to rely on handouts because they cannot afford
I am giving the Olympic Games its own Gold Medal for selling sex the best we have ever seen. Obviously I can imagine it will be taken with open arms from a non-sporting, critical 20-something year old. But you must agree the sex show has been pretty epic this year.
Marks & Spencer revealed a surprise fall in sales on Tuesday after admitting it ran out of stock on some of its best-selling