The collaboration with CoppaFeel! aims to encourage the nation to check their boobs for signs of cancer.
"Charity shops are not an alternative to the bin."
Are the bubble wrap dresses and clip-on dinosaur tails a joke?
The full cost isn't always reflected in the price tag.
You'll need a sewing kit, some glue, and a bit of imagination ✂️
MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee have suggested fast fashion retailers be made to pay a 1p surcharge on every garment sold, in a bid to help fund schemes that collect and recycle clothes. Textile production contributes to climate change more than international air travel and shipping combined.
With Brits spending over £40 billion on clothes each year, are we, the consumers educated on what happens to our clothes once we throw them away? The outcome is ruining our environment.
The UK’s charity retailers have reported a surge in clothing donations, thanks to people being inspired by the Marie Kondo series “Tidying Up.” If you’re inspired to “Spark Joy” by clearing out your wardrobe, here are five things you can do with your old clothes.