Back in Anjuna I sifted my way through the bundles wrapped in yesterday's news. I matched fabrics and trimmings with my favourite items of clothing. Having grown up on Portobello Road, I had been collecting vintage clothes since I was thirteen. I hauled the huge bag to a local Nepali tailor and handed over my original pieces, explaining that I wanted them copied, but altered in quite radical ways.
I believe we can all look and feel great in our clothes but we do have to get the shopping bit sussed so I challenge you to face your fear and start to recognise why you might be finding it so hard.
A lot of us wish that we dressed with more character, style and passaz and blame our clothes and lack of time as the trouble makers for our uninspired appearance. I am here to help you perk up your style and help you realise that there is a lot more excitement in your wardrobe than you give it credit for.
I can't easily control the fact my personality may be un-ideal, or that I have the wit of a manatee, and I certainly can't control the thought process of other people, I can however take control and even ownership of the superficial elements of my personal presentation, namely how I dress.
So it turns out it costs almost £30,000 more to raise a girl than a boy. This latest research from Moneysupermarket will shock absolutely no one with boys and girls in their family. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually far more than that in the long run- and my daughter is only 3.
People are debating how long it’s acceptable to go without washing clothes - and it’s causing some intense debate online
A mother has questioned the way retailer Mothercare are advertising a children’s jacket on their website. Sydney Lanier Burke
The industry is changing, slowly, and at last consumers are starting to demand change - especially through glorious campaigns like #FashRev and #WhoMadeYourClothes. Really the only way to change the big bad industry is to talk through our purses. If we all start to consume more ethically, and less, then big businesses will have to take notice.