Cloud Computing

Backing up your iPhone or Android phone is a process that’s usually dumped into the same category as finally organising your
The personal details of over 198 million US citizens have been accidentally exposed on the internet by a marketing firm in
Understanding the future of a digital, autonomous and patient-first healthcare system is in fact the first step in realising
With global giants BP and Standard Chartered announcing their wholehearted support for 'the third generation of computing
I have to travel for business. It's a perk, and sometimes a drawback, of the job. And while I travel, there's nothing more important to me than to stay connected. Connected to work and family, yes, but also connected to 'things'.
Nevertheless, whilst billions are spent every year on research for a cure, progress has been slow. No new drug has come to market in over a decade. More than a hundred years after the disease was first classified by Dr Alois Alzheimer, the molecular basis of the disease is still unknown and none of the drugs in the market address the disease's underlying pathology.