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Instead of 'protecting' the art form from civilians, hardcore comic fans should embrace Endgame as a moment where everyone can enjoy the universe we love
Theresa May lacks courage or resolve to criticise a President who supports Nazis and bigots. So instead we turn to shows like Supergirl and Legends where they fight Nazis and racists
The essence of superhero storytelling for a long time has felt mostly about just good, fun stories about the fantastical
One makeup artist has wowed fans after transforming himself into a range of different superheroes - in truly magical style
Sound those feminist klaxons, because sh*t in superhero-land just got real. New figures suggest that female Thor has outsold
Making Aquaman look cool in time for the latest Batman reboot was never going to be easy, but 'Thrones' star Jason Momoa
Storyboard artists are currently being "screwed" in Hollywood... In the ebb and flow of the storyboard process it can be hard to keep track of how much the storyboard artist is fulfilling the director's vision, and how much he or she is originating ideas.
I simply ask the modern day feminists of western society: What are you fighting for? You have the right to vote, you have the right to education, and you even have the right to voice these opinions. If anything you have it made.
The geek shall inherit the Earth, but for now we just dominate popular entertainment. In a world where properties in traditionally "geek" genres have become the heart of billion-dollar franchises, spanning multiple interconnecting mediums and calling back to decades-old source material, it can be hard for new fans to catch up...
A Bananaman movie has been confirmed! The British superhero who drew his power from not bats, nor spiders, but bananas, will