community cohesion

Report describes neo-Nazi groups urging people to "deliberately infect" Jews and Muslims, amid warnings social media firms are failing to act on fake posts.
The government has announced plans to improve integration, but no funding for English language lessons
We all get that feeling sometimes that we are on the outside. Whether it was when we first joined a new football team. Or
As Iraqi forces take parts of Mosul from the brutal regime of Daesh. We are seeing the clean-up operation is being started by volunteers of different faiths who are coming together to rebuild their community.
Read the headlines that accompanied the publication of Louise Casey's integration review yesterday, and you might believe
I've never been able to completely subscribe myself to this notion that political correctness is one of the key remedies
We can challenge misconceptions of Islam in school by:
  • being aware of the key beliefs of Muslims;
  • using the correct terminology when discussing Islam;
  • and, importantly, challenging stereotypes and highlighting examples of Muslim role models in British society.
4.4 million people. That's roughly the same population size as the Republic of Ireland or Croatia. Half of London. Or, put
Those who advocate faith schools draws on that which demonstrates good academic results, while on the other side of the debate faith school critics point to another set of research to back up claims they exacerbate social division. Both sides, entrenched in their positions, are over claiming.
On Monday night, Channel 4 screened a documentary entitled Proud and Prejudiced. The show aimed at portraying the two forms of extremism: 'right-wing' extremism and 'Islamist' extremism. Such extremism is currently a threat to British National Security and has been dominating the media in Britain.