What's the point of the Labour and Conservative party conferences? We've asked ourselves the same question.
During the party’s third day of conference in Brighton, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell announced the implementation of 32-hour working weeks within 10 years, with no loss of pay. The announcement came after a busy weekend for the party, which saw Jeremy Corbyn’s top aide Andrew Fisher quit.
‘It represents the survival of our people.’
Daily Dispatch Editor-in-Chief Sibusiso Ngalwa elaborates on the "chair fight" that left 10 people injured.
Whether it's your wedding, birthday party or conference, it is always key to remember that in fact, it isn't just 'your' day. It is for the benefit of your guests, customers or delegates. When I was trailing around after my fiancée to the photographer, venues, florist etc
Have you ever been bored rigid by a conference speaker? How can you avoid that fate if you have to give a talk? Here are the worst sins that speakers commit. Be sure to avoid them.
I'll be at this week's Scotland's Towns Partnership conference in Kirkcaldy. It promises to be a good gathering of like-minded
But has NOTHING to do with him being a veggie
The bakers’ union, which won a seat on the ruling NEC last year after Mr Corbyn’s landslide victory in the leadership election
Now really is the time to stand up and be counted, in whatever capacity you're comfortable with. I hope that with each generation the coming out process gets easier and easier as the world further understands the reality of what it means to be trans.