conservative party leadership contest 2022

Will Quince said the blue-on-blue attacks during the Tory party leadership have had been “totally unnecessary”.
The comment was likened to David Cameron's "pasty at Leeds Station moment".
Pensions secretary Therese Coffey said it was “insulting” to suggest her colleagues were not taking the crisis seriously.
Boris Johnson always rewarded loyalty, will his foreign secretary follow suit?
"We're going to be ready for that election whenever it comes," Shabana Mahmood said.
“Yes I am sort of amazed to find myself here this morning given my reported work ethic," the minister said.
"What we want to see is a brave generation of politicians in parliament now, tackling climate change and air quality," the mayor of London said.
Truss attacked Sunak over his private education, while he attacked her economic policies as "socialism".
None of them raised their hands when asked if they would give him a cabinet job.
“We know very well the others agree with me because otherwise they wouldn’t have resigned from his government."