Statistics point to the second week in February as the date most people start to slide with their New Year's Resolutions, sometimes the third week - if the thing to be given up is a not to difficult one, like eating expensive, luxury chocolates, or juggling fiery sticks.
Recipes by TV chefs including Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson are "less healthy" than ready meals, researchers said. Meals
Designed to showcase the authentic and heart-felt Mexican food that is prepared in their restaurant this cookbook has a range of easy to more complicated ideas with lots of strong flavours and great basics.
Salt Sugar Smoke is broken into different sections of preserving and then each part begins with extensive notes on the methods and ingredients used. It could easily have become dry and dull but Diana Henry has such a way of writing that it is interesting.
The book feels like a way to document the radical experimentation of a wandering mind. Dedicated but prone to bursts of genius that cause big diversions.
This lovely cookbook from Arthur Potts Dawson doesn't preach about eating more veggies but rather shows that you probably want to eat more anyway.
Could the humble cookbook soon be a thing of the past? Busy food shoppers who are looking for inspiration will soon be able
Meg Rivers Home Baking is an excellent baking cookbook for beginners all the way up.
The introductory section of The Red Hot Chilli Cookbook contains a history of chillies, May's own experience with them and how to grow them.
Virgin to Veteran opens with a great basics section for beginners wanting to set up a kitchen.