Dubbed the 'Upside Gown', it took Elien Rijnbeek two weeks to make from recycled plastic.
Saima Chowdhury, 26, from Birmingham, is breaking the barriers of cosplay.
Cosplayers have a right to expression in their 'play' but they should wear their costumes with an awareness of the history and social implications attached.
She said that she would cosplay as Belle again however, but "probably not to London MCM again but I've always wanted to go to a Midlands expo, or perhaps a smaller London con".
There’s no denying that Harley Quinn was the best part about this year’s must-see movie ‘Suicide Squad’. So much so, it has
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She delved into her costume stash for something more appropriate.
When June Rivas’ boss told her that wearing her hair up or in a headscarf was “unprofessional”, Rivas was left dumbfounded