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A "thorough investigation" was launched after three-week-old Jenson died.
Photo credit Jeni Dibley-Rouse Dear Anna, I've been meaning to write to your for 36 years but I've been brushing it aside
Over the years I have met with thousands of bereaved parents who never cease to shock me with their tales of horror and lack of support following the devastation that is the loss of a baby. In some trusts, stillborn babies are still being delivered in delivery suites to the sounds of babies crying, excited visitors arriving with bunches of flowers and congratulation balloons.
The number of babies dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in England and Wales has fallen to the lowest level on
Inspiring mum of four Natasha Jones has opened up about her life-saving community project Baby Resuscitation, which she launched
The number of unexplained infant deaths has risen for the first time in five years, according to the latest figures released
The two words that strike fear into the hearts of all new parents, cot death remains a mystery. It is, thankfully, rare and
For exhausted new parents, falling asleep with the baby in your arms may seem inevitable. But, according to health officials
Many of us will be unaware that it's Baby Loss Awareness Week. For the vast majority of families and parents in the UK, this will be a week like many others - rushing between work commitments, picking up the kids and dealing with a multitude of other tasks. But this week, do spare a thought for the families that have lost a baby.