council cuts

In a major collaborative investigation with HuffPost UK & regional journalists across the country, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism reveals that local government funding crisis has become so dire that councils are being forced to sell thousands of public spaces and are using some of the cash to pay for further service cuts and redundancy payments.
More bus routes will end and recycling centres will close, they've warned.
'The government cannot stand idly by when Rome burns'
Nearly three quarters of Conservative councillors are worried about government funding cuts to children’s centres, a new
David Cameron is facing fresh ‘hypocrisy’ charges after it emerged he had lobbied against police cuts in his local area. Just
The five things you need to know on Friday November 13, 2015... 1) JIHADI GONE? Well, it looks like they got him. The US
More than 100 Labour town hall leaders are to inundate David Cameron with requests for No.10 meetings in a fresh bid to highlight
In hustings, meeting and leaflets, Mr Cameron pledged to protect the best interests of West Oxfordshire. Instead his Government has continued to turn the screw... So I ask, did we get Team West Oxfordshire or Team Westminster back in May?