Any money made from parking activities must be spent on local transport projects.
More bus routes will end and recycling centres will close, they've warned.
If any authors were going to make the case for local government as a crucial element in the democratic viability of our unitary
'The UK accuses other countries of a lack of human rights. Why don’t you care about human rights here?'
Ed Dalfarn, who pens the Grenfell Tower Action blog, rose to face down councillors, staring them in the eye as he said: “Do
Centrepoint's research shows that for each one of those young people we see on the streets, dozens more are sleeping on the sofas of extended family and friends and, in some cases, in the beds of strangers.
Image: Pixabay Another day, another raft of headlines and protests over Trump and Brexit. Meanwhile, away from the cameras
This is a new savage Tory party, a world away from Churchill (who always regarded himself as a Liberal really) and Macmillan. It is a party that thinks fine words are enough, whilst the market makes their chums richer - as it always will. This is a party driven by right wing ideology, cloaked in left wing rhetoric and we must hold it to account as our housing crisis deepens, as it surely will.
A recent statement from the United Nations on the shape of the forthcoming Sustainable Development Goals asked the question
Jobsworths at schools and councils have been using health and safety excuses to enforce ridiculous bans, including one on
England's poorest areas have had their council budgets cut by far more than rich parts, Labour is claiming. The opposition
Why do some Academies (schools once under local government and now converted) and Free Schools (brand new schools that have never been under local control) get built in saturated areas? While others get rejected, despite the need?
The more than 360 people drowning off the Lampedusa coast on 3 October were not the first to die while traversing the Mediterranean Sea in search of a better life, nor unfortunately were they the last. Just over a week later another 38 people died when their vessel experienced difficulties.
Mercedes feel they've done nothing wrong but Red Bull and Ferrari have a differing opinion of the situation. In a bit of a twist, Red Bull's team boss Christian Horner appeared at the hearing and it is unknown whether he will testify or is present as an observer.
A council has vowed that anyone caught feeding a messy flock of pigeons in a shopping centre will be fined or taken to court
A great-grandmother has been left red-faced after she had a driveway laid just days after council contractors put a lamp
A row has ignited over a council's part in a so-called "lie detector" test to assess the authenticity of some benefits claimers
The patent remains an essential part of a modern economy as it is the driving force behind innovation. But for it to be really efficient, a patent regime needs to be both cheap and easily enforceable. European patents currently fail on both counts.
A baby. In a cage. Hanging out the window. Four stories up. It’ll never catch on, we hear you cry! Except it very nearly
A council is attempting to trace a tenant who caused thousands of pounds of damage to a house after keeping a pig inside