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"I’m only doing what you normally do, but carry on," the health secretary said when the news presenter tried to ask a question.
"While in this country and many others you can go almost anywhere and get vaccinated, billions around the world cannot."
The scientists behind the AstraZeneca Covid jab have a surprising new project.
One woman, now 37 weeks pregnant, says she had to push to get her Covid jab.
More than 4.2 million people have died worldwide from the virus.
Pregnant women are being urged to consider the vaccine as July 19 approaches.
The changes are likely to be small and short-lived, so don't panic.
Plus, here's how long you need to wait between your two coronavirus vaccine doses.
The jab is the first to be approved for use in older kids in the UK.
Antibody levels alone do not predict vaccine effectiveness, researchers say.