Home secretary Priti Patel has rejected attempts to make misogyny a specific hate crime, arguing that it would only deliver “tokenistic” change.
If the government wants to make its law meaningful, this is what else needs to change.
The prime minister claimed crime had fallen by 14 per cent when it has actually gone up by the same amount.
The Business Secretary said voters don't think fraud counts towards the official statistics
The 20-year-old was last seen after leaving Heaven nightclub near Charing Cross railway station in Westminster.
Boris Johnson promises to get tough with drug gangs and crackdown on casual middle-class users.
Rape victims are waiting more than a year for cases to go to trial, making prosecution targets a 'pipe-dream'.
Family read their victim impact statements to the court as police officer Wayne Couzens faces a life sentence.
Koci Selamaj, 36, will appear before magistrates on Tuesday.
"We must all come together and loudly proclaim that it is unacceptable. Living in fear is unacceptable.”
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