Image: Pixabay Donald Trump's immigration order has ignited the social conscience of the business world. CEOs at Google, Apple
n today's brave new world, the next generation of socially responsible consumers will soon default to the good cause and good brand over just good brand; and having a clear and meaningful purpose will become the cost of entry rather than a differentiator.
Behind each of these scandals is a dangerous lack of knowledge about the factories producing these consumer goods, and more importantly little communication with the factory workers on a micro level.
It was the first, but not the last time I was asked that question. That day at Dutch Design Week, I was also asked, "Do your artisans work in good conditions?" "Have you visited your suppliers?" "Are the people you work with being exploited" and even, "do you make your products in sweatshops."
Today we will make a step-change as a business. We will use our voice to put a spotlight on the dangers to the health of our oceans, helping to drive change starting with our 30,000 employees across Sky, to our customers in the UK and Europe.
There are numerous ways in which you can integrate the work into the day-to-day running of your business without using up resources or breaking the bank. By involving your staff, you'll likely see a positive impact in their wellbeing and productivity. I'm a firm believer that CSR is for life, not just for January.
tech for good The key thing I noticed was that once a volunteer gave a bit of time to a cause, they generally then started to give money, or bring their networks in to help, to fundraise, and give other stuff. I dreamt of a technology platform that would bring all that under one roof to facilitate what I was currently doing, patchily, by phone and email.
And it's easier than you think to get involved...
It's easier than you think to make them count...
Every day of our lives, we’re faced with lots of small decisions. Should we cycle to work or drive? Enjoy a salad or hamburger