On 18 November 1978, cult-leader Jim Jones led over 900 of his followers to participate in a mass murder-suicide. It would become the largest deliberate loss of American civilian life until 11 September 2001. Forty years on, the survivors still struggle to come to terms with the impact of that day, and the events that preceded them.
New footage shows Mantsoe moving a wheelie bin around, with body presumably inside.
When Momentum and the hardcore Corbynistas complain of a "Labour coup", they should not be looking towards the MPs trying to save their part from electoral oblivion to find the plotters; they need only look in a mirror.
We have created a culture that, on mass, rejects spiritual belief yet deifies the famous. Our new, modern day religion is the focal point of many people's lives. A whopping 11.7 million people trawl through the celebrity gossip pages of the Mail Online every day!
How to love yourself (and grow half a brain) The recent furore regarding Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson is a perfect
Three women found living as "slaves" in a London home were part of a "collective" sharing the same political beliefs as their
If our top ten blogger is to be taken at (stupidly grinning) face value, then Google are breeding an army of employees that cannot envision a world without Google, a world where the latest Google plugin is a digital Mother Teresa.
Here's a list. Not a television show of a list but a real list written in real words. The topic? The finest alternative comedy shows ever produced for UK television...that you've never watched.
When I purchased my first iPhone back in 2008, an incredible, abrupt, and dramatic transformation apparently occurred. According to friends, family, and random people commenting on forums, I had become an Apple fanboy. A slave to the cult of Jobs.
There are a lot of films labelled "the best worst movie ever made" - for example, Killer Bitch. It has taken me some time