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"We need people to realise how severe the situation is for trans people," Stonewall said.
Michael Lolis is the first and only cop in the country to publicly come out as gay.
“K-Pop of the human rights movement" strikes a chord in a conservative country.
The document, published during LGBTQ Pride Month, stresses procreation.
In an exclusive interview, the teacher at the centre of a fierce debate about LGBT education in schools speaks out.
"The younger queer generation, whether they’re into kink or not, are able to see it without being horrified, or like their identity is going to be repressed."
Alabama Public Television chose not to air an episode of the PBS children’s show “Arthur”, as it shows the children’s teacher, Mr Ratburn, getting married to another man (well, aardvark). The director of programming said children can watch it without supervision of their parents. Gay marriage has been legal in the US since 2015, and the move has drawn criticism from the LGBT community and others.
Sara Canning said the issue shouldn't be a political football.
"Cuddly dancing grandma" or "far-right horrorbag"?
Nearly half of LGBT pupils are still bullied for who they are in schools – changing the way we talk about LGBT people in the media can have an impact on the playground