Labour points out 19 out of 20 English areas under restrictions have experienced increased infection rates.
Exclusive: Ministers fear pubs and restaurants are being "crippled" and that there are no health benefits to the 10pm curfew.
The figures were published a day after Matt Hancock defended the 10pm curfew which Tory MPs warned was killing pubs.
Andy Burnham had warned people were now holding house parties after pubs closed, risking a further surge in coronavirus infections.
The measures might be "counterproductive", warn scientists, after footage shows street parties and busy supermarkets at 10pm.
Greater Manchester mayor warns 10pm pub curfew may be doing "more harm than good".
It comes after reports MP's drinking establishments were classed as "workplace canteens".
A scientist advising the government also said he had "never heard" the measure discussed at Sage meetings.
The businessman demanded that new lockdown rules are reviewed "each week, each hour".
A 10pm curfew will be implemented across England on Thursday, hoping to reduce the spread of coronavirus.