Disabled protesters blocked the MPs’ entrance to the Commons chamber to campaign against cuts to care services. The group
Visiting the polling station with your parents on election day isn't your traditional family day out. But my son aged six and twins aged four have asked to come along. They know it's also their future we will be voting for.
Patients treated on steps, leaks on operating tables and power cuts.
A Labour Party dossier has revealed a catalogue of incidents in which hospitals were left struggling under a huge NHS repairs
I now am gripped by a fear that a benefit that ensures I can work, as it funds my car through the Motability scheme, may be taken away from me. With the horror stories of people with obvious impairments that equally make walking impossible losing their PIP funding it is a real possibility. Of course looking on the bright side, with my medical records having so many mistakes in them, I'm damn lucky I'm here at all!
One of the most exasperating things facing anyone who raises questions over government policy is our political leaders' wilful avoidance of facts presented in the real world.
The media has become very vocal on both the worldly threats to everyone, and also have their own strange take on disability
The uncertainty created by Brexit means that the reliance in recent years on recruitment from the EU is no longer available to shore up the numbers. Our NHS staff cannot keep giving more at the same time that we are giving them less, the Government needs to reinstate bursaries and end pay restraint - we cannot afford not to.
Image: Pixabay Another day, another raft of headlines and protests over Trump and Brexit. Meanwhile, away from the cameras