The Government can update our working practices for the 21st Century – which will also have a positive effect on women and the wider economy
I divorced in 2006 at the age of 30, with two kids then aged 3 and 7. My overriding feelings were of fear and uncertainty
The point of this letter is to share some of my worldly advice with you. I kind of figure that you barely listened to me when I was alive, so I can only hope that me being six feet under has changed your stance on what I have to say.
As a dad to a brilliantly fun toddler, Finn, we were keen to give him a brother or sister to play with, so my wife Dani and I were delighted when she started to feel constantly sick and look like a wife on carbs and cola who enjoyed a nap after Countdown every day... SHE WAS PREGNANT!
A couple have given us ‘big pregnancy reveal’ inspiration after the mother-to-be decided to surprise her husband by hijacking
There’s nothing like a good dad joke - toe curling, embarrassing and usually dad is the only one laughing. But now the internet
First thing Dad, more people have turned up to your funeral than my wedding so you did well there! Rest assured that I'll make sure that in future people will always say 1,000 people came to Marcus' funeral and Robbie Williams sang 'Angels'. You know what I mean dad.