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If you're already unsure what last night's Million Mask March was all about, then this guy's explanation will make you even
Owen Jones has gone head to head with Conservative backbencher Jacob Rees Mogg in a fiery debate over the housing crisis
Veteran television presenter and journalist Andrew Neil, also dubbed the 'Bachelor of Fleet Street', has revealed he secretly
Just when you thought Ukip couldn’t get anymore disorganised, the party have ‘unsacked’ deputy chairman Suzanne Evans. Yesterday
Ukip deputy chairman Suzanne Evans has been effectively sacked as a party spokesman just hours after calling Nigel Farage
Ofcom is to probe whether the BBC breached broadcasting standards after a Conservative MP used the word 'fuckwit' during
A Tory MP has defended his use of the word “fu*kwit” on BBC2’s Daily Politics show, saying he used the term "disapprovingly
For the good of British politics there needs to be a conscientious shift away from this nonsense. We may not be to blame for the actions of politicians but those who govern will only ever stand a chance of being held accountable when we stop treating them like graduates of the Big Brother academy and start scrutinising their service to the public.
Tommy Robinson seems to be getting the platform he has long craved - despite insisting his views have not changed. On Wednesday
As the UK continues to debate Eastern European immigration, some Romanians and Bulgarians are losing their patience, especially